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How Hampton Bianco Calacatta Polished Floor Design Works Wonders in Your Dream Home

Marble is a great choice for a variety of applications in a custom built home. You can have marble installed virtually anywhere in the house to create an impressionable custom built home. For instance you can have it installed as part of your home’s interior or exterior and décor in the form of sculptures and other adornments like flooring and countertops. Marble is fine especially if you love patina. The stone is filled with natural beauty.

There are a variety of marbles that you can use in your luxury home. The finest marbles help to bring magic into every luxury interior. So which are the best marble and marble products for your dream home? I said it earlier on; the finest marbles are the best. Similarly the finest marble products are the best. That is basically the simplest answer, but it may not satisfy the curiosity in many people.

Hampton Bianco Calacatta Polished floor design is one of the finest marble products that you can use to adorn your luxury home. The floor design is artfully hand carved from Bianco Calacatta marble, one of the best Italian marbles and certainly one of the best marbles in the world. The fantastic floor design is suitable for your dinning room or living room. With it historical charm in contemporary design Hampton Bianco Calacatta floor design will give your stylish home the perfect finish.

This decorative floor design brings a fresh look into your home. The polished finish will help to illuminate your home using natural light. The elegant white stone floor design with touches of light gray veining offers an artistic relief.


Once installed the stone soon becomes part of your home’s interior.

The etching designs on the marble are all done by hand with abstract floral patterns. The engraved slats on the stone are shallow so that they do not collect any dirt or dust. But they are deep enough for you to feel them under your feet. Your will feel their soft “touch” on your feet even when you are wearing a pair of socks.

However if you feel that caring for Bianco Calacatta marble is very demanding then you can opt for Bianco Paonazetto marble or even the Spanish Cream Marfil. These two types of marbles are less demanding and they are also very beautiful.

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