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Tips on Creating a Rustic Style Using French Limestone Floor


People in Los Angeles, Dallas or Montana discover that they all possess the same desire; to change the style in their house. Every person cannot live in the same house year in and out without seeking to tweak things a bit hence creating an entirely new design. A rustic style in your house is achievable through the installation of French limestone floor or even French limestone mantel in custom built mansion.

french limestone floor

Limestone has been used in centuries and throughout a major part of mankind’s history. It is out of the previous uses of this natural stone, that men developed other related products such as German limestone fireplace mantel and limestone travertine mantel. Limestone looks very nice when it is surrounded by an ambiance filled with rustic styles. Furthermore, it brings out the best in this style.


Limestone flooring is well known as one of the toughest styles that any person can use at the house. This is contrary to the belief of many people who are of the opinion that it is soft hence cannot last for long. It can be made tougher as a flooring type when a lot of care is applied when treating or sealing it. This care is required at the point when limestone flooring is getting installed in the house.


When installing limestone hood or other similar products, it should not escape your mind that you will introduce a timeless look to your house. Its rugged nature and appearance allows it to fit in or blend well with rustic style in the house. In order to give it the perfect rustic look, make sure that several pieces of furniture, which appear to be aged, are used in the house with a matching limestone background.


Therefore, the next time you wish to enhance the rustic feel in your house, look for limestone roofing or wall fittings to give it the best appearance possible.

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